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Pies to order

Pies to order

What is the real Russian pie? This is a unique taste and flavor that we remember since childhood, festive atmosphere and comfort,the spirit of traditional Russian feast. Pirohi (pies) were a calling card of Russian cuisine and it can't be in a different way. People baked pies to any occasion: on special events as birthdays, christening parties, weddings, funeral repasts. Pies were served at soviet times too.

A piping hot, sweet-scented pie brings joy, coziness and warm-heartedness in a house.

It is these pies our homage to glorious Russian traditions and to people who live and work in our famous land you can order from us - here and now. Pies to every taste, in the best traditions of Russian and Soviet cuisine, with all kinds of fillings and a savory crust that just melts in your mouth.

We are pleased to offer closed pies with a hearty fillings - meat, chicken, mushrooms, cabbage, and salmon, sweet pies – with apples, dried apricot, blueberry, as well as meat and fish rasstegais (small pies).

Dear friends!

Want your favorite pies? Nothing is easier!

We offer FREE delivery throughout the city: home or office.

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