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Banquet hall

It is our pleasure to help facilitate your event, from weddings, birthdays and anniversary parties to friends and relatives get-togethers, as our restaurant is a perfect venue for your occasion. Let us create your next celebration to cherish the memory and make a lasting impression.

How important corporate party, reception, meeting business partners, presentations were well-organized and conducted in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
Our entire staff have extensive experience of similar work and with a high degree of responsibility include the preparation and holding banquets. We will provide comprehensive services for the organization of your festive event of any scale and complexity.

If you are looking for a place for your celebration, nothing can be better than «СССР» restaurant! Look through the menu, dine with us on a weekday and make your day a little more special - with «СССР» restaurant food, service and facilities, invite your friends, relatives and colleagues for a special occasion or meeting!
Sumptuous feast on the occasion, whether it is a birthday, wedding or a corporate party - no one can restrain such a temptation. When the tables are full of dishes, and guests are having fun for all it is worth, so are the hosts happy and satisfied.
For a good reason «СССР» restaurant is a favorite among the locals.
So enter  the fun, delicious, and exciting atmosphere of «СССР» restaurant.

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